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Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet Dry Suit

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Product Information

     Originally designed for the Special Forces, the Fusion Bullet is engineered for the harshest diving environments. Super stretch neoprene allows ultimate flexibility and streamlining while strategically placed Gator Tech armour and reinforced seams ensure maximum durability.


    - Bullet seams are mauser taped and 6 thread sewn for maximum stretch and durability.

    - Includes 2 Twin-zip expandable pockets.

    - Rugged Gator Tech neoprene on the knees, elbows, shoulders and buttocks extends the life of the skin for use in the most extreme dive conditions.

    - Removable 2mm neoprene inserts at the elbows and knees provide cushioning.

    - Super stretch neoprene provides extreme stretch for maximum flexibility.

    - Comes with traveller drawstring bag, inflator hose and zipper wax.


    We’ve all been there suited up, looking forward to the dive and suddenly a torn neck seal or worn out wrist seal. The choice: an uncomfortable (wet) dive or, cancel the dive until repairs can be made. 

    With Whites Seal Lock Technology the fix is simple. Seal-Lock Technology (SLT), is a modular seal replacement system that incorporates a neck ring retainer and compression fit wrist seals.
    Simple, innovative, and convenient, SLT enables quick and easy change out of worn or torn seals in the field and best of all, anyone can do it.
    SLT features all new silicone neck and wrist seals and is a must-have option on any White’s Fusion dry suit.

    SLT Upgrade Kit Includes (Factory Installed):

    - SLT neck ring assembly

    - SLT wrist ring cuffs

    - one silicone neck seal

    - two silicone wrist seals

    - neck ring installation tool

    * Compatable with dry gloves or wet gloves.

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