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Aqua Lung Legend LX Supreme Twilight (DIN only)

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Product Information


    - New Twilight stainless steel accent ring

    - Smaller Comfo-bite (TM) mouth piece designed for smaller mouths and detachable silicone bridge which fits across the upper palate

    - All new twilight regulator bag for storage


     The new line of Legend regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal.  The new Legends are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive.  Whether you are jet setting to an exotic location or diving your local spot, the Legend will give you the confidence to dive like a pro and look like a rock star.

    If you want the same high performance features and ease of breathing as the Legend LUX but without the pink gold finish, you will find it with the Legend LX. Like the Legend LUX, the Legend LX features the Master Breathing System (MBS). 


     Auto-Closure Device (ACD) seals the regulator’s inlet fitting, both Yoke and DIN, as soon as the regulator is removed from the cylinder valve.

    The new ACD feature coupled with the environmental dry chamber, results in a first stage that is completely sealed off from the environment.

    Over-balanced diaphragm design delivers superior breathing performance even at increased depths

    Environmentally sealed dry chamber helps resist freezing and keeps the internal mechanism clean and dry

    Specifically adjusted to pass the stringent European Standards for cold-water regulator performance



      Old Legend Series New Legend Series
    Number of models Two - Legend LX, Legend Three - Legend LUX, Legend LX, Legend
    First stage weight Yoke / DIN (grams) 950 / 756 882 / 668
    First stage length (mm) 80 74.7
    First stage MP chamber Standard Enlarged, symmetrical, all ports provide equal access
    First stage exterior Polyurethane boot None
    First stage handwheel Standard Triangular shape with oversized soft grip ribs, auto-drain
    First stage dust cap Standard Redesigned so it will not inadvertanly open the auto-closure device (ACD)
    Second stage weight - Legend LX (grams) 210 200
    Second stage weight - Legend (grams) 227 210
    Second stage diameter (cm) 6.9 6.57
    Controls - Legend LX Two separate controls - venturi and opening effort One control, the MBS, adjusts both the venturi and the opening effort
    Front cover Polyurethane Co-molded w/ limited range to control purge flow rate
    Exhaust tee Standard Redesigned for better bubble dispersion and easier exhalation
    Hydrodynamic openings Front Lateral
    Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores Avg. 0.75 joules/liter Avg. 0.65 joules/liter (13.3% reduction!)
        • The MBS is a new, simple and effective way to adjust the breathing performance of your Legend LX. The MBS controls two functions at one time. It controls the direction of air, which alters the venturi effect, as well as changes the opening effort. One control – two functions, it doesn’t get easier.
          • This will keep water and contaminants out of the regulator’s first stage during rinsing and storage.
          • It allows the first stage to maintain peak performance over time
          • The first stage will retain its internal lubrication longer
          • Makes the first stage safer for nitrox use

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