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 Scuba Diving Training by BelowH2O

Dive In - Your Adventure Begins Here!
Whether you are just beginning to dive or you are looking for advanced or specialty training, Below H2O has the scuba classes for you.

Because Below H2O is a PADI 5 Star Diving Center, you will be certified following the PADI system of diver education. PADI uses the most modern instructional methods and materials allowing you to learn quickly and effectively. At Below H2O, you will learn from a team of first class certified professional instructors, with thousands of logged dives and a 100% safety record. You will use top quality equipment, receive on-site diver education in our classroom using a combination of videos, CD-ROM, slides and student manuals.

And we know your time is valuable, so at Below H2O we are happy to arrange classes to fit your schedule.

To find out more information about a particular class, select a course from the maps below:

Adult / Teen Dive Classes


Beginner Classes

Discover Scuba

Get your feet wet with our Discover Scuba class. If you want to know what it feels like to breath underwater, you'll want to sign up for Discover Scuba.


Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver course sets the standards in the global diving community. If you can swim and you are reasonably fit - you can dive.


Advanced Classes

Advanced Open Water Diver

The Advanced Open Water training program will broaden your knowledge, allowing you to experience another level of diving. This course is designed to reinforce the skills you learned in the Open Water training course and introduce you to specialty courses that will enhance your diving experience.


Emergency First Response

The Emergency First Response class is designed to teach you techniques for handling both diving and non-diving emergencies.


Rescue Diver

Using a combination of independent study, classroom sessions, and open water exercises, PADI's Rescue Diver course provides the information and skills you need for preventing and handling dive emergencies.


Dive Master

If you have excellent diving skills, leadership qualities and a commitment to high standards, you have what it takes to be a PADI diving professional.



Scuba Review

This course provides a safe, relaxing environment to tune-up your scuba skills or learn about the latest changes in diving equipment.


Specialty Classes

Enriched Air

Are you an experienced diver who wants to extend your bottom time? Do you run out of no-decompression time before you run out of air? Then diving with enriched air is the answer for you.


Dry Suit Diver

Diving in a dry suit diving requires special skills, knowledge and equipment. In the Dry Suit Diver course you will learn the operation principles, care and techniques of using a dry suit.


Wreck Diving

Our Wreck Diver course will teach you the skills you need to penetrate wrecks safely. You will learn limited-visibility diving techniques and emergency procedures. And you will learn about the tools you need when diving wrecks.


Underwater Photographer

It's easier than you think to capture the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. The Underwater Photography course will teach you the basics of taking pictures underwater.


Night Diver

After dark, the underwater world takes on a whole new face. Find out what your missing after the sun goes down. The Night Diving course gives you the extraordinary opportunity to experience this unique world.


Boat Diver

This specialty course is designed to introduce you to boat diving and help you to develop the skills and knowledge required for safe boat diving.


Wall Diver

Through the Wall Diving course you will learn how to plan and execute a successful wall dive. You will also learn emergencies procedures related to wall diving. Finally, you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of wall diving at a local dive spot.


Ice Diver

Don't let a little bit of ice stop you from diving. Be among the elite who are trained to dive beneath the ice and you can dive year 'round. The Ice Diver specialty course covers the proper techniques to dive safely beneath ice.


Search & Rescue

In this course you will learn effective ways to locate items underwater. Using both theory and practical application, you will learn a variety of methods for the search and recovery of lost items.


Kid's Dive Classes

Bubble Maker

If your child is at least 8 years old, they can experience the thrill of scuba diving through our Bubble Maker course. In this course, your child will have the opportunity to use scuba equipment in a safe pool environment under the supervision of our experienced diving professionals.


Junior Open Water Diver

If you're between the ages of 10-14, in good health, and know how to swim, grab your parents and dive in! You are eligible to become a certified Junior Open Water Diver.


Seal Team

The PADI Seal Team program is designed to introduce basic diving skills young divers and then reinforce these skills in a fun and challenging environment. The program is built around "AquaMissions" - underwater pool adventures designed to teach scuba skills.

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Dive in- Your adventure begins here! Whether you are just beginning to dive or you are looking for advanced or specialty training, Below H2O has the scuba classes for you.

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